Fascinating Media Results in Making Anti-Social

General News | Jul-26-2020

Fascinating Media Results in Making Anti-Social

In this 21st Century, people are more likely to believe in the reel world, than the real world. With the advancement in technology, people are stuck into their own 'Online' world. No doubt, Technology has enormous benefits, as it has become an incredible means of communication and receiving information. The way technology has taken over the educational sector, is highly insightful. Now, with a huge amount of resources, a person can excel in all aspects of life.

1. Increasing rates of Social Comparison
It is prominently mistaken that the people use social media, to fill the voids and the empty spaces in their lives. Rather, the more a person uses social media, the more it creates voids in our lives. As it results in lesser communication with the people who are around. Social media has taken the world over the next level. One of the core factors, of how social media has affected our lives can be governed with the introduction of 'Social Comparison'. Social comparison can be observed in the people of every age-group. With time, the influence of social media is increasing, and it is affecting the mental peace of the people. Many studies, shows that the people who are constantly beeping online on social media platforms tend to be twice socially isolated. The more people indulge themselves online, results in decreasing the amount left for real-world interactions.

2. Procrastinating becomes the habit
It is most commonly observed that the students are getting highly affected by the improper use of social media. They are buzzing on social media for hours and hours, without even thinking about there studies. The assignments and the projects are getting halted, as they leave them for the last moment, which results in the production of low-quality work than the students are capable of. The maximum use of social media interrupts the flow of concentration.

3. Psychological approach
Up to a certain extent, social media is also changing our thought process. Whatever we see on social media, we tend to believe that. Our perspective is made and molded the way the social media, and the creators want. It is found that the students are the ones who are worst affected by these perspectives, and they create identical situations based on that generated perspective. With the excessive use of social media, it is affecting the mental health and the mental peace of the people.
Everyone should limit the use of social media. As an entertainment platform, it does have its limitations which must be looked at. People aren't realizing the effects of social media, but a time will come when they will lose all the real-life contacts with the people.