Forest Loss and Climate: Unraveling the Impact of Deforestation

General News | Feb-18-2024

Forest Loss and Climate: Unraveling the Impact of Deforestation

We know the process of cutting down trees in large amounts is called deforestation. it means that when we cut a single tree in our house it is not called deforestation but when we cut a large amount of trees in the forest or near to house this process is called deforestation.

There are many bad results for deforestation because we know that the forest plays a crucial role in climate. Because we know that trees or plants absorb carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis. We know that the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not good because it increases the heat. So we can understand that a tree acts like a sponge that absorbs things. When we chop down the tree they will release or there will be no one to convert it. It makes the climate worse.

Deforestation also depends on the weather conditions of that place. We know that forests or trees play a crucial role in regulating temperature. The place near to the forest or covered by trees will be cold and have high moisture and everyone likes that climate but where the trees are fewer there will be hottest and there will be no moisture many people don't like such places and trees also play important role in the rain because which place has more tree there will be a great chance of having good rain and it will be in the correct order but were the place has fewer trees will not get that much rain and rain will not be in the correct order and these places have a great chance to become a drought.

Another big problem of deforestation is the destruction of houses of different animals. By cutting trees many birds and other animals lost their houses most of the birds are living in the trees.

From all of this, we can understand the big impacts of deforestation and what will happen to us when there are no trees. And the problems of climate and weather.


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