Free Online Education During Covid

General News | Oct-08-2021

Free Online Education During Covid

Education is a human right and is given free of cost till the 8th standard by the government of India. However, due to Covid a lot of schools shut down which closed the window of offline and free education to the backward class. Covid not only led to the closing of schools but a lot of the population lost their job which led to money shortage and not being able to pay for the child’s school.

Due to this, the government of India decided that schools would not be able to cut the name of any child based on late fee payments. But even after this many private schools are stopping the education of many children based on non-payment of fees. In these crucial times, free online education should be the priority, no child should stop their education due to a bad economy.

Educational boards like CBSE and ISE should contact the schools that fall under them and ask them to start free education on online classes which are even extended to students that are not enrolled in their school. This way no child will lose their education on any term. These free classes can be advertised on pamphlets and social media through which they can reach the right audience.

Via free online education, the lower background children can also enjoy better and higher education. This will not only help the youth but also the country as a whole. Schools can register these children and take in a certain amount of children in every batch. If the government appreciates these initiatives then these schools can be awarded and acknowledged which will also encourage them to do more initiatives like these.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School
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