Get, Set, Wrestle

General News | Feb-07-2021

Get, Set, Wrestle

The thrilling sport involves two opponents applying physical pressure to one another to pin their opposition down. Wrestling is a sport loved and favored by many. The exhilarating feeling one gets during wrestling makes it one of the most popular sports all over the world. It is a combat sport that is minacious and thus, is played under guidance by professionals.

Cave drawings that date back to as far as 3000 BC shows pictures of people wrestling. It is said that wrestling originated from hand to hand combat that was practiced in earlier times and has been around for thousands for years. Applying your physical strength to overpower your opponent to win is the basic rule of wrestling. It is not a complicated sport, but it’s a dangerous one. If not handled professionally, wrestlers can get major injuries.

Wrestling is highly admired but is also a very slammed sport. People often see wrestling as too extreme and inhumane. But the fact remains that all wrestlers go through a lot of training and hard work before any match. More so, they fight willingly and are allowed to quit whenever they want. They are well aware of all the dangers they will have to go through.

This supreme sport owns many championships where world-renowned wrestlers fight each other to win. Wrestling first made its cut into the Olympics in 1904, at St Louis. The sport that started for just men has now undertaken many strong women under its influence. The women wrestling category has gained just as much if not more fame, as men’s. Additional championships like WWE, have gained an abundance of popularity and acclaimed several wrestlers.

In all retrospection, this significant sport has grasped its reach all over the world. From India to Japan, from Egypt to China, it is a sport known and praised by millions. Stone Cold Steve Austin is said to be the most famous wrestler to date. And following his footsteps, many aspiring wrestlers come to light every day with an unshakable spirit.

By- Simran Raghav