Girls are Under More Pressure in High Schools

General News | Mar-09-2021

girls are under more pressure in high school

High school has a new level of pressure for teen girls. Some of the issues are the same that they have battled in the fifth to eighth grade and this is carried till the high school with more gravity.

High school Girl problems

High school can be seen as a bridge that leads to adulthood. The teen girls going to school get overwhelmed with the pressure such as to not only look good but also to gain the approval of others. Most of the time face numerous challenges such as preparing for college and a future career too.

Here we are going to discuss 5 worries that any high school girl would have:

  1. Looking good
    This one is the most prominent area of concern for high school teen girls; they care more about their appearance. They worry about how they look and want to be thin. High school girls often struggle to feel secure in their skin and thus they spend much of their time and energy trying to look perfect. They focus on every detail of their appearance and most importantly, their figure. They always compare themselves to other girls and try to keep up with the fashion trends.

    This can sometimes be very discouraging for many teen girls as they focus more on their appearance. They feel conscious about their looks and weight and it can become an obsession for many that might result in severe eating disorders.
  2. Friendship is the priority for our teens. Girls do spend time on their appearance and if they are not doing that then you can find them on their phones connecting with their friends virtually on social media or planning meet-ups. They think more about the number of friends that are trusted and are in the right social circle. They want to be in constant contact with their peers as they fear ‘missing out. Their priority becomes that their peers accept and like them. Along with their appearance, their emotional security and self-esteem associate with relationships. The social circle of high school would be a more mature one than that of middle school.
  3. Performance
    High school teen girls inspect everything they do in each area of their lives. They become their own worst critic and put more pressure on meeting expectations. They are more likely to get worried about their performance with anything they are involved in be it their studies, athletics, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, employment, or social events.

    High school girls can be seen more worried about how they can improve and for them; they themselves set unrealistic expectations that become difficult to meet. Most of the high school girls feel harsh pressure to be the best. And when they do not meet the extreme demands that they have set for themselves, they might suffer the consequences of discouragement and feelings of failure.
  4. Parental Approval
    High school teen girls also get more worried about their parent's opinions. Some girls might pretend that they do not care much about what their parents think but deep down they are concerned about getting their mom and dad’s approval. They want to be loved and accepted by their parents and are worried that they don’t let them down, or worse, fail them. For some girls, the extreme criticisms and demands from their parents can cause them to fall apart. They are concerned for every word their parents say and are also sensitive to how their parents respond to things they do. Almost every high school girl wants to please her parents and make them proud.
  5. The Future
    High school teen girls might seem more worried about their appearance and friends but they are also concerned about their future plans such as their college choice, career choices, and starting a family too. High school has now become a huge landscape. Every decision the girls are going to make can have an impact on their future. High school girls are aware of the demands that are there for them. They are worried about getting accepted into college and choosing the right career and gain the best internship and also they are worried about how they are going to pay for it all. They understand the expectations, competition, and limitations.
    High school girls do worry much and thus they are under more pressure than boys. They are more impacted by society’s values and the pressure of their peers. They get influenced by high academic standards, future, and approval and belonging.

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    Nowadays, it is tough to be a high school girl. Parents must tune into their needs, insecurities, and worries, and encourage them. We must help our growing girls so they can develop self-worth and confidence in who they are and all they can be.

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