How English Language Can Make Your Lifestyle Easy?

General News | Jul-26-2022

How English Language Can Make Your Lifestyle Easy?

English language plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. In this modern era, this language has been used more and more than before. The practice of using the English language has become common in some important sectors like Medical, Educational, Business, Media, and many more. Even to share our ideas and thoughts with people from other countries, we need to know English. If you wish to enjoy a good growth in your career and enjoy good future, you need to learn the English language. If you are those people who like travelling, you will still need to communicate with this versatile language. So, in most tasks of our lives, we need the English language.

Now, if you are still confused, then let us discuss why English is important in our day-to-day life.


Why is the English language important?

Language is the most important source and method of communication. With this, we can share our ideas with each other. Some people even say that language has made us separate from animals. There are thousands of languages around the world, as different countries have their own languages. Many countries even have a few more local languages along with their national language. Some of those languages are spoken by millions of people, whereas other languages are spoken by only a small number of people.

English is one of those popular languages which is known and used by numerous people. Globally, near about 1.5 billion people speak English for different purposes. However, most of them are not native English speakers because only 360 million people use English as their first language, and others learn it for various reasons. With the growing popularity of the English language in our everyday lives and in other fields like academics, communication, business, and entertainment, numerous people are trying their best to learn English and communicate with others freely.

Reasons why English is important

Here are some factors to enlighten you about the importance of the English language in our day-to-day life.

  1. English is the Language of Academics

English is a very crucial language in the field of education. In many countries, children are encouraged to learn and taught English as their second language. Even in several countries where English is not an official language, like Sweden or Netherland, you will find many syllabi in engineering and science that are written in the English language.

Moreover, English is generally believed to be a language that is crucial for higher education. A lot of top universities in the world are English-speaking institutions. As English is the dominant language in international research and science, many research studies are written and taught in English. In most universities of the world, students in different countries need to read almost all their subjects in the English language. Thus, those subjects can be more accessible to international students.

  1. English can be used as a medium of instruction

Nowadays, the model EMI or English as a medium of instruction is becoming more and more popular. Many institutions are using this language to instruct their students. The reason is that by choosing English as their medium of teaching, those institutions can attract a lot of students around the globe while making their studies more enjoyable for the students.

Though there are a few controversies regarding this belief, the growing use of the English language can pose a threat to the local languages and even can erase the identities of the learners. However, regardless of this confusion, the growing usefulness and increasing popularity of the English language have made this language an important source of communication in various fields.


  1. This is the common tongue internationally

In our current time, English has become essential for communication. Even those who do not use English as their first language use this as their second language in various cultures. In this way, two people from different countries can use English to communicate properly.

If you wish to work or study on an international level, English is most important for you. Speaking and learning English will help you to communicate with various kinds of people around the world, including Englishmen. This can be useful even when you are running a business, travelling to various places, or even interacting with others on social media.

Recently, English has been considered the primary language not only in countries that are touched by British Imperialism but also in many cultural areas and businesses that are dominated or influenced by those countries. English is also growing in popularity because it is very useful and can be understood by numerous people.


  1. English is crucial for international business

The English language is crucial for you if you are working in an international company or if your career has a scope to move from local to international level. If you need to visit some offices like governmental institutions, private companies or even engineering companies, you will notice the importance of the English language in those sectors.

There are many companies who hire workers only after knowing if they have a good command of the English language, as this can help their company to function at a wider level.


  1. English is favoured by the press and internet

While using the internet, you will see that most websites use the English language. Even if you go to the sites in other languages, you will see the option to translate the site into English. So, without any doubt, English is the winner while you are working on the internet, with more than 50% of the online content can be found in the English language.

This language is also preferred by publishers. There are numerous books and newspapers that are written in English than in any other language. No matter where you live in the world, you will find a few books and newspapers in English. Thus, with the immense popularity and availability of this language, you will have access to nearly all information regarding any subject if you know English.


Therefore, there are various reasons which have made the English language really important in our day-to-day life, and hence, you need to learn this language to enjoy a good career and future.