How I Spent My Summer Vacation

General News | Oct-04-2021

 How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are the most awaited time of the year for every student in their life. They are the best time to have fun. It is the best time to get yourself involved in new things and develop new skills. Summer vacations bring a lot of chances to get involved in many things that we have been hoping to do. It reminds me that holidays are more useful if you utilize them properly by doing something useful. Moreover, summer vacations offer every student a chance to take a break from their daily routine, enjoy their present time with their family and friends.

Students eagerly wait for their summer vacations every year. They always hope of doing something worthy that liberates them from the routine of studies and habits. This year, I learned baking cakes and it turned out to be very amazing. I started reading novels and other types of books especially I started reading a newspaper. And I am very happy of developing this habit now. As we know, due to pandemics we can’t go anywhere so I tried to make each day productive. I started painting also and I tried to imbibe good teachings in my life or good habits. But now I realize that it was all worth it. My family is soo happy for me. I started researching about some things, I transformed my room into a pretty room. At last, I would say that we should not waste time on our summer vacations. We should use it in a very productive way.

By: Bhavika Sabharwal
Tagore Senior Secondary School

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