How Sports Help In Mental Wellness

General News | May-19-2020

How Sports Help In Mental Wellness

Sport is an important part of our life. Whichever sport we play, thinking is required whether it is cricket, chess, football, etc. Playing games also requires team spirit and teamwork for the entire team to be victorious. If there is no team spirit among the entire team and if the players are playing for their own pride only, then it can undermine teamwork and their team can not even win a single game. In this way, only sports has a lot of advantages.

The main advantage of sports is that it boosts our mental health and also makes us free from various kinds of tensions. Sports also help in improving our concentration. Playing games enriches our ability to think critically and also improves our judgment skills. Sports also help in reducing stress and depression. Whenever we are physically active our brain is distracted from other tensions and stress and helps in diverting our attention from that pressing issue for some time so that our mind can relax. Sports also help in improving our sleeping habits. Whenever we play with our full enthusiasm it makes our brain relax and we can have a longer and deeper sleep.

Sports also help in maintaining our weight. Whenever we play or some sort of physical activity, some of our calories burn, and that helps in reducing our weight and maintaining a healthy weight and BMI. Sports also boosts our self-confidence. Whenever we play any game and win in that particular game, our confidence boosts up.

So, playing games helps in the overall development of our body and maintains both physical and mental wellness. 

By: Harsh Yadav

School: S.D. Public School

Class: 10th