How Sports Help In Team Building

General News | Aug-11-2020

How Sports Help In Team Building

We all love playing sports be it outdoor or indoor sports and both of them teach us team building.

Sporting games such as cricket, football, basketball, etc; require a lot of teamwork and support. Even though there is a captain or leader in each team, he or she is there just to guide the team. It is important that everyone is comfortable and agrees with the team's decisions. 

So how do Sports help in team building?

Well when we play outdoor games, most of them are multiplayer games that need teams. When we are part of a team, we have to work together to achieve the desired goal. We also need to support each other and motivate each other when someone in the team is unable to fulfill the expectations of the team. While the team leader is planning something, we must share our views instead of thinking it is not part of my job or I will implement this when I become the leader or giving in to any other negative thoughts. When planning something, we should try and unite our thoughts instead of being divided in our own opinions. Team Sports teaches us to stay united. If we work together then there are higher chances of the team to reach the goal. 

Team sports teach people the joy of winning something together. It helps in boosting confidence levels. It makes the task easier to complete as everyone would be playing their part thereby reducing time too. Sports also help in understanding the importance of being consistent and a reliable team member. Self-discipline is an important value that is inculcated in team members. In multiplayer sports, we tend to interact with teammates from different geographical locations. This helps us in improving our communication skills while interacting and also sharpens our problem-solving skills.Most importantly we tend to develop long-lasting friendships too.

Team Sports helps us to learn patience as we need to wait for our turn according to the game plan. It also helps us to understand the classic principle of hard work and reward which motivates everyone to excel resulting in the overall benefit of the team.It also helps us in overcoming failures too easily as a team.

As humans being social animals, Sports helps in building a better environment for the community to live united on the basis of good teams. We have so many real success stories from around the world based on good team-building, especially in Tennis and Football.

As Mr. Micheal Jordan rightly said-

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." 

Thus Team building exercise teaches us many life skills and Sports lets us understand it in the best possible manner. 

Ishana Rajnish,

Class: 7th

Delhi Public School