How Television Influence Our Lifestyle?

Have you ever imagined yourself in a movie? Maybe in some rom-com or some blockbuster. We all have such dreams after we watch a movie or show. I, being a teenager, always wanted similar fame as that of Hannah Montana. But little did I know that it wasn’t my real identity. There is nothing new in saying that television has always influenced our thoughts and our way of living.

Television has been a beneficial invention for all of us. It keeps us informed about the happenings around the world. All the world news, weather, and the warnings are all available for use by just click on the button. Let it be a terrorist attack in Afghanistan or misuse of biological warfare are available all the time one just one screen. Televisions have not only kept us up to date but also plays a great role in educating us. We see so many documentaries. If the television is running we sometimes register many fascinating facts which we thought were even possible. But these assets do too have downsides.
Television being one of the most viewed sources of entertainment, it is expected that everyone has one at their home. Every broadcaster wants the content which would give high results. This often leads to content being inappropriate content for viewers. Foul language, violence, and adult scenes do not put a good picture in front of kids. Being young, television plays a great role in social interaction. We learn how to talk to different people. Being exposed to content may hinder are essential social skills. We learn to imagine at a very young age, said to serve us the purpose of entertainment, make us lose our identity at times. We imagine ourselves as those characters. We lose what we originally thought or what we think for we but live in a more unreal world. We use it to escape reality which causes us to lose our identity.
Well, everything is bad when used in excess. We know television a part of modern life. We can only hope that the content viewed is rich and serves our purpose of entertainment as well.

By: Saanvi Gupta

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