How To Deal With A Mental Breakdown?

General News | Jun-06-2020

How To Deal With A Mental Breakdown?

The life we live in is full of hurdles. Every day we have to face some or the other thing which we have never expected to come our way. Some people can cross these hurdles and continue to go on their paths. However, it's not the same as everyone. Some people tend to break in front of these hurdles. This causes stress in their life and if this stress lasts for long then they may have a nervous or mental breakdown. Everyone has a different breaking point, but people with healthy coping strategies are less likely to suffer from a nervous breakdown. Another contributing factor, in addition to stress, may be an underlying and untreated mental health condition, like an anxiety disorder or major depression.

Mental breakdown typically comes after experiencing a great deal of stress that one cannot cope with in healthy ways. Mental Breakdown can have a serious and negative impact on someone's life. Luckily nervous breakdown is temporary, but it still is a serious problem and should be treated as a mental health crisis. Help by a Psychiatrist or other mental health professional should be taken for the breakdown and to know whether there is another factor contributing to the breakdown that needs to be diagnosed and treated. The evaluation can also lead to treatment, often including a short residential stay in a treatment facility followed by ongoing therapy, medication if needed, lifestyle changes, and the regular use of stress coping strategies and relaxation techniques.

Other than this, you should also consult with someone who loves you and is elder to you. Stop the negative thoughts coming into your mind and start thinking positively. Thus mental breakdown is a serious problem however it can be treated. And when once treated, it will help you to start a wonderful life from broken pieces due to a mental breakdown.

By: Abhishikta Pal

School: Ramjas R.K. Puram

Class: 10th