How to Improve your Writing Skills

General News | Jun-14-2020

How to Improve your Writing Skills

Writing Skills is one of the most important skills which can reflect a lot about a person. Writing a good piece is an art and what it requires is not any degree but precision. Having a good writing hand cal allow an individual to express exactly what they feel. Writing English is not a matter of knowing the basics of English Grammar. Obviously, a prerequisite for writing in any language is knowing the basic grammar but writing skills involve something more than that. Here are 5 key points that one must implement to improve their writing skills -

1. Think and research before writing on any topic
Before starting to write, treat yourself as a noob, and do thorough research on your topic. Gather as much information as you can and keep making notes. while researching, mark relevant quotes, keywords, important people associated with that work, etc. This step is to ensure that you have all the relevant information you need for the subject matter.

2. Plan your write up
Now, after this step, you have got all the information you need, in order to write your piece. Now what you need is to plan how to write it. Now, the first and foremost thing is to know to whom are you addressing? This will tell you which form of speech you need to pick. Planning also includes the outline of your write up. You should check for what and how much to explain in the piece and what will be the tone of your write up. Also, always try to write a crisp and tight write up.

3. Read as much as you can
The above two steps were the things you should apply just before writing. For holistic improvement in your writing skills, you must try to read as much as you can. Reading regularly will help you in improving vocabulary and sentence formation. It will subconsciously allow you to know new writing styles and forms.

4. Write something regularly
A part of developing writing skills includes practicing to write regularly. You should always give yourself writing prompts and evaluate them. Ask other writers around you to give feedback on your write up. this way, you will get constructive feedback to improve your skills.

5. Know your Niche and Style
Once you start practicing writing regularly, you must start understanding your writing style. Try to find out what kind of writing are you liking the most. Writing styles can be expository, descriptive, persuasive narrative, conversational, and storytelling.

These are the basics guide to improve your writing skills. Having good writing skills adds a lot to your holistic personality. Hence, we hope that you will keep writing and reading the same.

By: Ishika Aggarwal