Human Anatomy: A Journey Inside The Body

General News | Sep-17-2023

Human Anatomy: A Journey Inside The Body

The human body is like a super-complex machine made by nature.
There are lots of different organs, some are big and some are small organs. The working together of different organs makes us healthy and keeps us alive. so, let's learn about the different organs and study them.

Our body is made of different organs. Each different organ is made up of cells. The cells are also known as the building blocks of the organ or body. The combination of similar cells makes organs.
So let's learn about major organs.

1. Heart
We know that the heart is one of the major organs in our body and the heart is responsible for pumping blood in our body. The pumped blood from the heart carries oxygen and food to all of our cells. Without a heart, there would not be pumping of blood so the blood does not carry food and oxygen to our cells. so the organs stop working. it makes us dead

2. Lungs
The lungs are one of the essential organs in our human body. The process is called breathing in the process they inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Oxygen helps to keep our body energetic, and that keeps our body healthy

3. Brain
The brain is one of the major organs in our body. it controls every part of the body like moving your arms and thinking about stuff you like. The nerve cells are responsible for sharing the electric impulse to our brain. That helps the brain to talk to every organ. The nerve cells make sure that everything is working together. If there is no brain we will die because there is nothing to give information to our organs about what to do.

4. Liver
The liver is an organ in our body that performs numerous functions to keep us healthy. Its functions include detoxifying harmful substances, processing nutrients from the body, and producing protein essential for blood clotting.

5. Bones
We know that the bone is one of the important tissues in our body. Bone is responsible for giving a framework to our body. the bone cell is embedded in a hard matrix called bonemarrow. The born is non-flexible tissue. It also provides shape and size to our body

6. Skin
Skin acts as a suit for humans. We know that the skin is responsible for keeping our body injury-free and also providing a sensation of touch.

7. Reproductive System
The reproductive system is responsible for making our new ones, the reproductive system ensuring that life goes on. If there is no reproductive system it will be the end of human civilization

8. Immune System
We know that the blood cell contains different elements like RBC, WBC, PLATELETS, PLASMA, and WATER. The WBC(white blood cell) in the human body provides immunity power to the body. The absence of WBC causes many problems in our body

From all of these, we can understand the importance of organs. From all of these, we can understand that our body is full of big puzzles. We should always remember to take care of our bodies to get more lifespan.


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