Immunity in Covid-19

General News | Sep-15-2020

 Immunity in Covid-19

Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live.

Coronavirus or COVID 19 is today spread all over the world. The world is still not free from this deadly virus. We all know that doctors of all 186 countries are working selflessly and tirelessly to get a vaccine made for it. However, it doesn’t mean there is no solution to this monster. Except for staying at home and quarantining yourselves another huge factor which can prevent one from this virus is by boosting up their immunity. Corona we all know is an airborne disease and can happen to anyone. Boosting up your immunity during this pandemic is very important and can help your body to become stronger and fight against this virus. We Indians have always have had full faith in Ayurveda for ages. Today also during this pandemic 90% of all Indians had one common thing every day. That has to be kadha! Kadha is a drink made up of natural herbs which helps one to immunities their body.  It is said to have protein-rich food to keep your body strong and safe. People have now become more sincere during COVID for their diet and consumptions they make. People have started having different tablets of vitamin C, Vitamin D, etc. Today the recovery rate of India is at a good position. Indeed it still has to move a long way and get better but that kind of recovery rate is not being seen in other countries. This is due to the reason the food we as Indians consume. In our daily lives, we have food like chapattis, dal, etc which have all that nutrients required for the body to fight it.

In the last, we can just say that if everyone will have all those nutrients required to immunities our bodies then we all can fight this virus and defeat it for sure.


CLASS: 9th 

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