Impact Of Better Sleep On Your Lifestyle

General News | Jul-28-2020

Impact Of Better Sleep On Your Lifestyle

Sleep! That's my favourite activity and I can do all day and night. I guess every one of us just loves to sleep. After the play, let's sleep, after lunch, let's sleep, after shopping, let's sleep, it's like the best favourite activity to relax and even some depressed people love to sleep all day long. 

But inappropriate sleep cycle or excessive sleep or no sleep popularly known as insomnia can lead to disasters on your healthy lifestyles. Thus a proper seven to eight hours of sleep without any disturbance in the night is always advised by everyone to have a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Let's see the impacts of a better sleep on your lifestyle:

- Poor sleep is directly proportional to higher body weight

People who sleep for a shorter duration are found to be heavier in weight in comparison with those people who have adequate sleep duration.

- Ones sleeping good consume lesser calories

The ones who sleep have huge appetite as compared with those who sleep adequately. Sleep deprivation leads to abnormal control of appetite hormones. 

- Good sleep is the tool to better concentration and higher productivity 

For better cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance - what you need to do? Just have a good night's sleep. Isn't it easy? Shorter or inadequate sleep can affect all of the brain's functions negatively.

- Higher risks of diseases

If you sleep inadequate, then you are exposed to diseases like heart attacks, hypertension, stroke, and various other chronic diseases. 

- Sleep good to have no depression

Various mental health issues like depression can be cured easily if we improve our sleep cycle. 90 percent of depressed people have poor sleep quality and sleep disorders.

- Want to have Immunity in Pandemic?

It has been proved by researchers that even a short loss of sleep can lead to impaired immune function. You know people who sleep less have high frequency to catch a cold than with those who sleep adequately. So, this pandemic where COVID 19/ CoronaVirus attack on lower immunity system, then just try having a better sleep to have high immunity. 

Sleep adequately and see the difference!

By: Kiara Sharma

Class 10

Mahaveer Public School