Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

General News | Jun-13-2021

Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

Every child gets infinite opportunities when to learn new skills and discover their passion when they are introduced to the world outside of extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are helpful for children. They help children build themselves in academic education. Children who are introduced to a diversity of extracurricular activities show a lot of mental and character development. So, today let’s talk about its importance.

The key factor of getting children into extracurricular activities is that they get to learn new skills. These skills will help them for life. These new learning can become their hobby or passion or could turn into their profession. Not only this, extracurricular activities benefit you in many different ways like; developing personality, developing character, developing social skills, improving critical thinking, etc.

As we know that extracurricular activities help you a lot. But fail to notice that all those skills we learn also help you boost up your academic performance. A study done by a university showed that students who had extracurricular activities in their school life were good at academics and not only that their grade sheet was full of good and positive grades.
As children learn a lot of new skills in extracurricular activities, like problem-solving, character development, etc. They develop these skills but they also improve their social skills or they broaden their social skills. As children participate in extracurricular activities they meet new people, new children and are likely to find new like-minded friends. This socializing helps them a lot in life. They learn how to act around people, they build their self-esteem and they get out of their personal cocoon.
With extracurricular activities around students do not get the leverage of skipping around classes, homework, or study. So, the best method to solve this problem is time management skills. Hence, it is positive to say that while involved in different activities. Children learn a lot about time management at a young age.

Well till now, we all talked about everything, about how these activities help children in their growth years and development. They help them build a character and esteem that stays with them for a lifetime. So, these skills help you after school plus they help you with university admission. As of now, universities look at children's overall development also, not just academics. So, flexing these skills in university would not do you any harm, but will give only good effects.

So, overall extracurricular activities are crucial and beneficial for children. These activities are not just for fun for children but they help them learn and grow a lot in school, in themselves, and for life.

By: Shreya Jain