Importance of Morning Walks

General News | Oct-25-2020

Importance of Morning Walks

The whole environment is calm and quiet within the morning. there's a few noises or the other disturbance. Nature is at the best within the morning. The cool fresh air inhaled within the morning keeps us energetic, happy, and fit the entire day. A morning walk is sweet for our legs, arms, chest, and waist. In fact, it's an honest exercise for the entire body. Fresh air improves our normal bodily process. It increases our energy state. It regulates our gastrointestinal system. This results in a sense of fitness and activeness.

I am an early riser. I buy up at 5 a.m. My father may be a hard taskmaster. He always makes us hear the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”. He always tells us the benefits of excellent health. So we are made to go away our bed within the early morning and are asked to urge ready for the morning walk. Our locality has an abundance of parks. I visited have and enter one among the luxurious green parks. I used to be surprised to ascertain many people there, who were there for a morning walk. A cool breeze was blowing. It had been pleasant to be there within the morning. The cool, calm, quiet atmosphere presented a really beautiful scene. there have been sounds of chirping birds that filled me with joy. The whispering sound of green leaves, the dewdrops on the sides of grass, the soft rays of the rising sun all presented a healthy and delightful sight.
Different people have their own alternative ways of maintaining healthiness. Some people were engaged in doing yoga. Several of them were doing meditation. Some were jogging. Many of them were doing different asanas. In one corner children were twiddling with a ball. a gaggle of young boys was enjoying the first hours by playing hockey. It served two purposes at a time. it had been a source of entertainment and exercise also. Some boys were running in a circle. A yoga teacher was teaching different asanas to a gaggle of youngsters. Some elderly persons were clapping and laughing. Their cracking laughter made people laugh also. I also did jogging and took some light exercises. When the sun went up I came back.
A morning walk has another advantage also. It gives a chance to interact with various people. We meet and greet them. This casual meeting later turns into a good friendship. Thus, a morning walk is sweet for us in some ways. It keeps us healthy, happy, and energetic for the entire day. It recreates and refreshes us.

Raghav Saxena 

Birla School, Pilani

Class 12