Increasing Anxiety Issues In Youth

General News | Jun-05-2020

Increasing Anxiety Issues In Youth

In the present scenario, the life of a youth is like a burden on their shoulders. This makes their lives very difficult to live in. This results in significant distress and impairment. And this paves a way to serious problems in their life which is known as 'Anxiety'.

Today's youth have a lot of problems in their life which makes life a burden on them. Some have strict parents who neglect them and their needs. Some have high pressure for succeeding in ways previous generations did not. Their parents have high expectations from them and to fulfill these expectations they tire themselves so much. Youth are constantly connected to social media. It's not surprising that their self-esteem―and worldview ―become connected to responses to social media posts. It's hard for them not to compare their life and social connections to what they see others posting on social media. Some are unemployed while some are frustrated with their jobs and loads on them. All these problems make a youth anxious and this leads to anxiety.

Anxiety can lead to serious mental health problems like depression, substance misuse, and even suicide. It can interfere with the ability to learn and focus on students causing school problems that can have a lifelong impact. It can also lead to physical problems, such as headaches, rapid heart rate, palpitations, and chest pain. If it's not treated for a long time then it can also be cause heart problems which may result in heart attacks. Various signs of Anxiety can include- Recurring fears and worries about routine parts of everyday life, changes in behavior such as irritability, avoiding activities, school, or social interactions. Dropping grades or school avoidance, trouble sleeping or concentrating on Substance use or other risky behaviors Chronic physical complaints, such as fatigue, headaches, or stomachaches.

To help our youth to overcome this problem of anxiety various measures can be taken. Parents can talk to their children regarding their social network usage and daily-to-daily life incidents, to remove some heavy thoughts from their brain. The expectations attached to them should be achievable and realistic. They also need some breaks between studies like playing, going out for walks and much more.

By: Abhishikta Pal

School: Ramjas School R.K. Puram

Class: 10th