India’s Best Hockey players

General News | Jan-29-2021

India’s Best Hockey players

When cricket is the most praised sport in India, we regularly fail to remember our victorious accomplishments in hockey that dominate our cricketing wins. 8 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze decorations at the Olympics; 1975 World Cup win; and 3 gold, 9 silver, and 3 bronze awards at the Asian Games. 

However, this achievement didn't come for the time being. Our first evident snapshot of magnificence came in 1928 when we won our first Olympic gold. It launched a time of Indian mastery of the global circuit for the following fifty years. There may have been a drop in our exhibition levels over the most recent couple of years, however, we are still among the top groups on the planet. 

Dhyan Chand: In the wake of transforming the 1928 Olympics where he scored 14 objectives to help India win the gold, he proceeded to create his approach to being probably the best player the world has ever seen. 

Roop Singh: While Dhyan Chand took all the spotlight, Roop approached scoring objectives in a calmer style, however, his brightness was not in every case away from the spotlight. In 1932, Roop Singh outscored his sibling at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, this was his first Olympic Games support, Roop Singh was in a super hot streak as he scored a crazy 13 objectives in two games. 

Balbir Singh Sr.: Also known as the current Dhyan Chand, Balbir has frequently been viewed as one of the best place advances that the game has ever seen. He was dead before objective, and would without any help convey the group. His Olympic record for most objectives scored by a person in an Olympic men's hockey last remaining parts unbeaten. 

Udham Singh: Another of the players to win three hockey gold decorations at the Olympics, Udham Singh was a strong back watchman yet, also, was able to play as a forward. A player known for his artfulness and familiarity with his play, he was a treat to watch on the Indian side that overwhelmed the 1950s.

By: Maansi Yadav