Influence of Social Media on Adolescents

General News | Nov-15-2021

Influence of Social Media on Adolescents

These days, the increasing trend of social media has not only caught the youth, but even teenage students have not been able to stay away from its attraction. The habit of accessing these websites till the morning and before going to sleep at night Has left the children far away from the real world. When will the students sitting on mobile phones with every moment get time to introspect? When will they be able to think about their identity or their purpose? The main reason for the increasing problem of stress among students is their increasing busyness on social media.

1. Lack of memory: According to a study done on social media, more use of social media has an opposite effect on memory. Important information is not safe in the minds of such people. Actually, in the spare time, the brain works to secure information. But even in their free time, people are busy in online activities, due to which their mind is not able to get rest and it directly affects their memory.

2. Negative impact on self-esteem: When children see photos or status messages shared by their friends on social media, they start comparing their achievements with their friends' achievements. For example, if a child wants to go to a particular place for a holiday. Was but could not go there for some reason and one of his friends uploads his pictures taken on the same place on social media, then that child starts feeling very disappointed. Also, the number of likes and comments on their photos or status is less than any of their friends, the confidence of the children starts to weaken because they add these likes and comments to the importance of their personality.

3. Call to worry and stress: Due to the increasing popularity of social media, the trend of making friends online is also increasing, in which you make a person your friend, whom you neither know nor have met personally. There is a lack of trust and as soon as such relationships are formed, the sooner they break up. Due to not being strong mentally, such broken relationships in teenagers cause mental anxiety and stress which is a very serious problem.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends. But just as everything has both disadvantages and benefits, there is a similar situation in the use of social media. The only objective mentioning the above negative effects is not that social media is the same It should be done. Rather, we want to make you aware of the problems caused by the excessive use of social media, which people remain unaware of knowing. Do not make activities on social media a part of life.