Interesting Facts About Boxing

General News | Oct-06-2020

Interesting Facts About Boxing

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, wearing protective gloves punch each other for a fixed amount of time in a boxing ring. Some of the countries having boxing as a popular sport is the United States of America, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Cuba, and Japan. Some of the rules of boxing - you cannot hit below the belt, hold, trip, kick, headbutt, bite, wrestle, spit on, a push your opponent. If you score a knockdown of your opponent, you must go to the farthest neutral corner while the referee makes the count. You cannot punch your opponents back, or the back of his head or neck (rabbit punch), or on the kidneys (kidney punch). And the other one is that you cannot hold your opponent and hit him at the same time, or duck so low that your head is below your opponent's beltline. Some of the boxing champions are -

  • Heavyweight (unlimited) WBO: Anthony Joshua
  • Cruiserweight (200 lbs.) WBO: Vacant
  • Light  Heavyweight (175 lbs.) WBO: Vacant
  • Super Middleweight (168 lbs.) WBO: Billy Joe Saunders
  • Middleweight (160 lbs.) WBO: Demetrius Andrade
and so on.
The Benefits of boxing are - It makes us physically fit as it increases our speed, strength, hand-eye coordination, agility, endurance, and power. Some of the fastest boxers are-
  • Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Roy Jones
  • Meldrick Taylor
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Parnell Whitaker
  • Floyd Mayweather
and so on.

The fastest boxing champion, Sugar Ray Leonard was born on 17 May 1956. The place he was born was Wilmington, North Carolina, United States of America. Now, the age of him is 64 years. Sugar Ray Leonard is known for its agility and finesse, who won 36 out of 40 professional matches and various titles.

By: Utkarsh Garg
Class: 5
Sri Venkateshwar International School