Is it Possible To Run Marathon in Just Two Hours?

General News | Jul-03-2020

Is it Possible To Run Marathon in Just Two Hours?

Is it possible to run Marathon in just two hours? Will anyone ever be able to run that fast? The current record for 42.195 km (26.219) distance is held by Kenyan Dennis Kimetto. His time of 2:02:57 hours was done at the Berlin Marathon of 2014.
For a very long time, the long-distance runners have been trying to break the records and to get nearer and nearer to the magical marks of two hours. There are so many published articles which state that running a marathon under two hours can be done. They even see a time of 1:57 as the fastest a human can ever run. However, we might have to wait at least a decade or longer for this to happen.
Many must fit together to deliver an under a two-hour marathon. An athlete must have the perfect body size and weight, the right running strategy, and of course, a healthy diet and nutrition.
Great runners today come from Kenya and Ethiopia, countries which have been winning long-distance races for decades. Long legs and lungs of East African athletes will take in loads of oxygen. High-altitude preparation gives them a heavy heart and a large volume of blood.

They will also need ideal weather conditions with cool temperatures and virtually no wind to try such a mark. Since the start of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, competitors have been attempting to run long-distance races as quickly as possible. In 1900 the world record for the marathon was about 3 hours. Men were able to hit a threshold of 2:30 in the following 30 years. When time went on accomplishing quicker times became more challenging. The world record, for example, has risen by just 3 min in the last 15 years. On the other side, some experts think that such fast performances will only be possible with the help of unallowed substances. In the past years, several East African runners have been tested positive and many of them banned.

By: Sushmita