Is the Gaming Disorder a Public Health Concern

General News | Nov-28-2023

Is the Gaming Disorder a Public Health Concern

For some countries, gaming disorder has become a significant public health concern. Almost everyone in the world is addicted to some kind of addiction, some are addicted to studies, some are addicted to playing and some are addicted to food. The International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its manual after many years that gaming disorder is found not only in children but also in adults. According to psychologists, people often start playing it to spend time, but the users never realize when it becomes a habit and becomes an important part of life. You must have seen Pubg, Candy Crush, ludo, and Temple Run addicts while traveling, in offices, or in colleges.

What is Gaming Disorder:
It is a kind of gameplay addiction that is found in all adults and children. When people suffering from this disease start giving more importance to the game than their daily work and relationships, it becomes an addiction in a way. If playing games alone is affecting one's essential tasks, it means that they are victims of gaming disorder. According to the World Health Organization, the gaming pattern of such a person needs to be seen whether the game is not affecting his daily work or his relationship. If a person is doing his job systematically by playing games for 12 hours, he is not an addict.

Treatment of Gaming Addiction:
It is a disease that requires the help of both psychologists and psychiatrists. Many experts believe that if both are treated at the same time, the difference between the patients is quick. While according to some psychologists, psychotherapy is effective in many cases, in most cases cognitive therapy is used. Play therapy can work in children. All this depends on the level of addiction in the patient.

The most commonly used gaming app
There are many games that people are addicted to but those who have had the biggest impact are:

Pokemon Go:
The game became very popular among people. In many places, its obsession was seen to such an extent that people went from one town to another in search of Pokemon and the company did not even know that so many people have played the game that its server has crashed. Its site had already received 46 lakh people in the first two days. Users of this game are playing it for an average of 44 minutes every day.

Candy Crush:
Its popularity is evident in every section either in youth, children, or the elderly. This gaming app is old, but even today you will see many people playing this game while traveling by bus and metro. Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game app launched in 2012. It was the biggest game app ever.
Ludo: Ludo has been playing in the country since ancient times, but Ludo's obsession with smartphones is such that you will get this game on one phone in every household.

This game has the largest impact on a country like India. This game is based on a real-life battleground. Its obsession was seen to such an extent that the Indian government had to ban the game. And It’s about to be launched soon with new privacy and policy. In India, The game will be launched with the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

By: Nihal Rathour

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