Is the Pressure of Studies Killing the Creativity of Students?

General News | Aug-31-2022

Is the Pressure of Studies Killing the Creativity of Students?

Student Life is a phase of life that destines any child's future and career. The studies play another important part in this, the studies are a prime focus for a student in school life. But, nowadays, the studies are so complex and the competition is so large that the students don't get enough time to follow their interests and do creative stuff of their own. The pressure of studies is killing the creativity of students in this era as the students don't have time from their fixed routine of school to tuition to again personal studies. Now besides this hard fixed routine, there is no time to do any creative activity through which students can relax and get away from the stressful life of the school. There are numerous reasons why students are forced to put attention to studies only economic reasons or cultural reasons.

The Economic Reasons include the misconceptions like the financial position of the student in the future is secured only by studies. It is believed that creativity and passion don't guarantee any future to the students and our only for passing time. But in this hard and chaotic world wasting time on creative stuff is not accepted by people and hence there is always pressure on students to study to become eligible and potential of competing in the brutal world.

Cultural Reasons are also prominent factors that put pressure on students. The mix likes students from a specific background are main to do a certain job and social inequality discriminated students. And they can pursue their family business or occupation is an old belief.

Children are forced to educate and study to acquire status in society and don't fall back or leave behind any other person. All these factors force an individual to study hence putting pressure and killing the creativity of students and burning their interest.