Is There Such a Thing as Naturally Creative?

General News | Jul-25-2022

Is There Such a Thing as Naturally Creative?

Dictionaries describe "creativity" as "the use of one's imagination or innovative ideas, particularly in the creation of an artistic work." Creativity may appear to be a spontaneous outpouring of new ideas, but it is, in fact, the process of creating something new from a massive collection of old information. Sparks of creativity are felt and used in a variety of ways, from decorating a room or a recreational vehicle to inventing something exceptional.

Some do stand out in terms of creativity. For example, Thomas Edison is credited with nearly 1,000 patent innovations. Walt Disney's global entertainment company was established on "Imagineering," a phrase he developed himself to describe the combination of creativity and engineering. Leonardo Di Vinci is regarded as one of the most accomplished painters of all time. In the modern world, entrepreneur and visionary Steve Jobs is still revolutionizing technology.

Researchers determined that certain genes make certain people more prone to be creative than others. The brain is divided into two halves by a bundle of fibers known as the corpus callosum. Writers, painters, and musicians were discovered to have a smaller corpus callosum, perhaps allowing the two sides of the brain to specialize. According to research published by the National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictions, people's brain regions' capacity to communicate with one another is critical to creativity, fluency, and adaptability. Highly creative people were discovered to have broad connectedness, which can be linked to genes that play a role in building networks connecting diverse locations. These genes boost the amount of emotion and memory that reaches awareness.

While some experts think that creativity is in the genes and that everyone is born creative, the co-founders of IDEO, Tom Kelley and David Kelley feel that creativity is for everyone. It is a talent that must be constantly refined and developed. They testified to dealing with folks who claimed not to be creative yet were capable of producing innovative products. They stated that applying a human-centered approach to a project is the greatest method to cultivate creativity, whether one has an intrinsic propensity to it or not.

This demonstrates that a creative explosion may occur regardless of genetic composition or environment when people constantly practice and apply creativity with the proper method.
People's perceptions of creativity may differ depending on whether it is natural, impacted by the environment, or cultivated through practice. There is such a thing as "naturally creative," but it depends on how people acquired or developed it. All of the material provided by researchers and specialists in the creative industry shows that everyone may be creative, but standing out is all about employing creativity, whether natural or taught, to create something extraordinary.

By : Samaira Sachdeva
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