Mind Or Body – Which Is The Key For Success In Sports?

General News | Jul-27-2020

Mind Or Body – Which Is The Key For Success In Sports?

Athletes from several different sports show that the maximum of their success is because of their mental capability and training. 

Any sportsman who wants to improve their performance should know that their mental health affects their performance, like motivation, self-confidence, etc.

If we talk about Motivation, it is the need that makes someone act to achieve his or her goals. The characteristic of great athletes is to set good objectives. The desire to fulfill one’s objective keeps our motivation.

We actually have to control our emotions too because with no emotional control we will not become a good sportsperson. We have to train our mind/do a mental training exercise to keep our emotions in control. That can maybe the difference between success or failure for them.

So for the next, we will go for focus because concentration is something that we need the most if we doing work or playing sports/games. Every action, including the simplest, requires focus. Our attention should always be focused on the relevant tasks of that moment. Of course, we need to look at our self-confidence too. It's a key condition to achieve victory. Competition sometimes generates doubt, worry, and high levels of anxiety, and these factors may have a negative impact on our brain and self-confidence. All those mental strength abilities are linked together.

If we lose control of our emotions, our focus is immediately affected, and when we are not focused, we lose self-confidence.

To be mentally strong means knowing how to control our minds.

If we say the key to success in sports is both Mind and Body both in some ways because we need to train our body too so that we can stay healthy and keep our mind fit to focus and have our faith in ourselves. But our mind plays the most part for all the technique and confidence and focus the game to play it well and be a good Sportsperson.

By: Aditya Shrama

Class 10

Mahaveer Public School