Moral Strength Is a Greater but Rarer Virtue

General News | Jan-21-2021

Moral Strength Is a Greater but Rarer Virtue

For the cultivation of ethical courage, we've to shun the desires of the materialistic world. By controlling our desires, we will rise in spirit. By foregoing the petty temptations of wealth, power, and position, we will have the strength of spiritualism and morality in ourselves. This gigantic strength shouldn't be used for selfish ends but within the most civilized and humanitarian way.

Moral courage is simpler than physical courage. Gandhi adopted the trail of non-violence while handling the British government. He preached non-violence in our domestic and international relationships. Physical courage must be supported by moral courage otherwise the usage of physical courage is beastly and barbarous. it's most uncivilized and uncultured. All the good social reformers, religious divinities, scientists, statesmen, saints, and sages cultivated the spirit of ethical and mental courage. Many of us are successful in impressing humanity and this is often an upscale tribute to the principle of ethical courage
Those people that use physical courage, are labeled as tyrants and despots, blood-suckers and marauders of humanity. Basically, they're cowards, who attempt to cover their fears by suppressing those weaker than themselves.
Everyone must develop moral courage. it's more powerful than physical courage. Willpower is that the keyword to moral courage. It had been the desire of Kennedy, which made him the president of America. It had been the desire of Napoleon, which made him an emperor. And Gandhi together with his willpower uprooted the mighty British Empire from India.

By: Raghav Saxena

Birla School, Pilani