Most Bizarre Monuments Ever Build

General News | May-26-2020

Most Bizarre Monuments Ever Build


When it comes to art, everything is unique. But some architectural designers took their creativity to another level making it look bizarre. The world is full of these unusual, freaky, yet futuristic monuments. Some monuments have the top place on this wacky list.

First off is the massive African Renaissance Monument, Senegal. As the name suggests, this monument was intended to celebrate the achievement of African people but is rather remembered for corruption and unpopular alliance. This 160 feet bronze statue is a bit more terrifying due to its sheer height, which is a little more than half the height of the Statue of Liberty. The design itself came into light for its sexist overtone, depicting a ripped male body rescuing a damsel whose one breast was revealed. So, second on the list is Second World War Monument to Soviet Army, Bulgaria. Although this gigantic monument was meant to be grateful to Russian Military forces who aided Bulgaria during World War II. In 2011, these charging military figures were painted to Lok like various pop-culture icons such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Santa Claus, etc. This made it a popular hangout for young people and counter-culture radicals.

Women’s world is said to be summarised in their handbags. We can almost find everything inside those so-called tiny bags. A representation of these relatable content is present on the streets of Italy ‘The monument to women's handbag’. This statue depicts a huge handbag, inside which a woman is searching for something. Well, it is not the best idea to be displayed on the street yet it is one of the most famous monuments.

One of the most terrifying statues ‘Kindlifresser’ or ‘ChildEater’ standing in the middle of Bern, Switzerland. There are three theories behind the construction of this disturbing statue. First, that child eater was built to warn the Jew committee of Bern. Second, this terrifying Ogre is the depiction of Greek Titan, Kronos who ate his own kids. The last theory started, that the older brother of the founder of Bern got mad due to the jealously of being overshadowed by his younger brother and ate all the children present in the town. Do it maybe none of the above and is simply sort of boogie man from Night of fasting festival. This scary statue, surely, keeps the children in Bern disciplined.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ quoted by Leonardo da Vinci is put a question, after seeing these monuments. What was on the architect’s mind while constructing them? Were they happy after they saw what they created?

By: Saanvi Gupta

School: Delhi Public School

Class: 10th