Most Important Blogging Tips For Students

General News | Nov-20-2023

Most Important Blogging Tips For Students

Blogging is a platform from which both name and money can be earned, it’s neither easy nor difficult. There are many common rules that we can easily make money if we follow them. Even in blogging, there is so much competition nowadays, that everyone is busy getting their blog ranked. In such a situation, if a new blogger comes, he loses by looking at the competition. All this information is for those students who are going to be new bloggers. These tips will be of great use to them.

Quantity :
The quantity of the article is as important as the quality. If you are writing on any topic, write as much as you can about it. If you write in detail, the effect will be visible in the traffic on your website. Whenever someone searches, the search engine will first show a very long article.
The article must be a of minimum 1000 words. Because any search engine would like to give more information about any topic on which a person searches.

Design Of The Blog:
It also has an important role to play in getting rank. If you are a WordPress blogger, you should prefer a Simple theme to a more feature theme. Because the feature theme will take a long time to load. if a visitor comes to your site and takes more time to load, it will skip you and go to another website.

Write Your Article:
You should have your article. you should never copy from other articles. Whatever you write should be your own words. If you copy articles from other websites, your blog will never rank. whoever you have copied from will complain against you to Google or any other search engine. Because of this google or any other search engine will stop showing your websites in its search engine.

Social Media:
You have to create social media accounts for your website such as Facebook, Twitter, google+, etc. Then link those accounts to your website. Whenever a visitor comes to your blog, they will know that this website is also associated with social media. And they can follow you on the same. And if you write a new blog, share it with your social media accounts so that your followers can reach your blog through social media.

By: Nihal Rathour

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