Most Underrated Game In India

A lot  of sports have been played in India which have a good popularity and also good fanbase especially 'cricket'. But are all sports equally rated in India. The answer would be NO. A lot many games are underrated in India but the most underrated one is Sepak Takraw. Let's learn about it more with the reason as well.

Sepak Takraw...... By reading the name only of this sport we can conclude that it is the most underrated game of India. This is so because it is a SouthEast Asian sport. In simple language Sepak takraw means kick volleyball. Though it is popular in its native area but in India almost every individual is unaware of this game. Although India have won a bronze medal in the 2008 Asian Games but still it is the most underrated game in India.
Reasons Why it is Most Underrated
The reason why this game is underrated is not being an indigenous sport and economic support. Let's understand how are these responsible for the underrating of the sport.
1) Indigenous Sport - Indigenous sport means the native sport and games of a place, India, for example: Kho Kho, Kabaddi , Gulli Danda, Pithoo and many more. The most rated game of India is 'Cricket' which is foreign game but it gained popularity only due to the winning of Cricket World Cup in 1983. We can also say that in India sports like Sepak Takraw, Golf, Squash and Formula E is less popular as they don't have any traditional background. Because Sepak Takraw isn't an indigenous game it doesn't get equal attention as a result, people are less bothered about it. Also due to this the craze of Indians for Sepak Takraw is almost negligible.
2) Economic Support - Economic Support is a very important factor of the underrating of not only Sepak Takraw but almost all other sports also accept cricket in India. In India the lack of funds and facilities available is always a big concern for any sport. The shortage of funds leads to the lack of training equipment due to which it gets ignored and it became less popular. Also due to shortage of funds the authorities pays less attention which results in the lack of support of the supporting federation.

That is why Sepak Takraw became the most underrated game in India.

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