Need of Privacy in Child’s Life

General News | Nov-21-2020

Need of Privacy in Child’s Life

Today when I was roaming in the nearby park, I observed two 11 years old girls. One of them was carrying a Samsung latest model phone and telling the other about her super-amazing friends and her love for the various music bands. I wondered if it was her love or obsession. It was 'her' phone. She could browse anything and everything, very smartly, without the knowledge of her parents. Does anyone realize how vulnerable she is to fall prey to many? Can a phone not lead a child on websites those aren't mean for them? Is it right on her part to hide things? What if she unknowingly drives herself in trouble? Who'll be responsible, she or her parents, or the privacy they were ready to give?

Dictionary describes the word privacy as a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people. It nowhere means freedom or independence as perceived by many. A child needs enough space and time of their own to grow, develop, make decisions, learn a few things, and unlearn some other. As a child grows and develops his intellect, it becomes incumbent on their parents to let the child demand and decide.

Spying on the child or becoming ignorant can have catastrophic effects on their behaviour and arise severe trust issues. Parents should involve themselves in the kid's life rather than just meddling. They should provide the required space for their children.
Parents should become their guide, someone to whom they can look up. Moreover, they should revamp their value system and strike a balance between trust and space.


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