Opportunities and Adversity

General News | Dec-16-2020

Opportunities and Adversity

The students of today are full of enthusiasm and youth. They are seeking growth opportunities every day in various fields of academic and sports as provided to them. To evolve in life, one needs lasting growth and brain development throughout their journey. When taking an observant walk, students often find troubles or straightforward tracks that sometimes lead them to better steps of success wherever they aim to reach. These pathways are for students to observe the patterns of life that they need to uncover. Today's time consists of dynamic environments to adapt. To become an opportunist, students need to take care of following points that will help them to evolve better with the dynamic environments coming their way.

Becoming Attentive:

It's important to acknowledge all the opportunities and its drawbacks well in time. During our daily course and academic activities, there are often moments when we miss out the fun-filled workouts that sometimes hold due importance for our passion. Taking notes from all the activities and understanding their opportunity is is one thing a child can do when focusing on their daily routines. Developing a soft corner for some hobbies and physical workouts can bring enthusiasm and proactive behaviour that can lead a student towards their ambition.


Taking responsibilities is a quality of a leader. Delivering tasks well in time makes a leader best! To complete a few tasks daily sometimes becomes boring, but setting deadlines for prioritised workouts can help the student to concentrate better in organising their planners. Deadlines have been a great support to working professionals and to all of the students who want to achieve more than just academic excellence.

Mental well-being: 

Grabbing opportunities is not easy unless and until an individual focus and concentrate on their overall goals to be achieved. Keeping up to the child's mental well being is a phenomenal task that needs 100% attention. During the growing period, a child undergoes several changes in their body and thinking which develops habits and routines to function better. Spending some quality time with friends and relatives is the best activity for a child to feel connected with their environment.

Self Analysis: 

Self-analysis is all about taking notes from yourself and making a priority list for your moods. It is often recommended to young age students to maintain a personal journal to evaluate their activities. For self-evaluation, a student can write down all the good deeds and disturbing deeds that they encountered in their daytime. By keeping a journal, a student can realise the golden values that one needs to retain!

Becoming kind: 

Kindness is a quality to be welcomed in life. Being kind of generosity in all our actions can lead us to become a philanthropist in life. If one sows forgiveness, then they reap perseverance; If children will realise, the value of giving, only then they will be grateful when they will receive.

By Kanika Vij