Perfectionism: Pros And Cons

General News | Oct-12-2022

Perfectionism: Pros And Cons

A perfectionist is someone who refuses to accept any standard less than perfection. Some could add that they are deluded, basically insane, and irritate everyone around them.


Being a perfectionist has the advantage of making you highly ambitious in life. Perfectionists frequently establish lofty objectives for themselves and go to great lengths to achieve them. As a result, perfectionists frequently forego pleasure to fulfill their goals. This high degree of desire, in turn, can assist perfectionists to gain an advantage over rivals who lack the same level of drive.

Another advantage of perfectionism is that it may help you advance in social standing. If you are a perfectionist, your work will be of high quality most of the time, and if you help people with their stuff on occasion, those people will be quite impressed with what you were able to accomplish for them. As a result, these people are likely to respect you and what you did for them, and your social standing among your peers will be fairly high.

If you want to get truly good at something, you must practice a lot and put in a lot of time. If you want to truly become world-class in what you do, you must have a perfectionist mindset. It will not be enough to simply work on yourself; you must optimize everything that is now preventing you from reaching this level.


Aside from the numerous benefits of perfectionism, there are some drawbacks to this style of life. One issue with perfectionism is that it is frequently inefficient. Perfectionists frequently focus on minor details rather than completing larger undertakings. As a result, perfectionists may labor lengthy hours on a task, which may not be advantageous for businesses in the long term.

If you are a perfectionist, you may find it difficult to establish social ties. Perfectionists frequently like criticizing others. Even while they typically have good intentions and only want to make others better, hanging out with perfectionists can be rather tedious, and others may need a break from you if you are one of those perfectionists who continually point out other people's mistakes.

Perfectionism can also be a hindrance in everyday life. Perfectionists are frequently afraid of making a mistake. As a result, individuals frequently avoid trying new things and become entrenched in their routine. However, our world is changing at a quick pace, and if you do not adapt and try new things, you will soon find yourself unable to compete in the job market and life in general.

By : Samaira Sachdeva
Delhi Public School, GBN