Physical Activity: A Stress Buster

General News | Nov-19-2020

Physical Activity: A Stress Buster

Stress is a word most of you had never heard of when you were kids rather never felt it at all, but today’s world is different, we children constantly feel stressed, stressed about studies, about friends, about our marks, about our social media status and so much more.

Stress is a monster that most of us have to face nowadays and many times we are ambivalent about how to do it, how to overcome stress and how to be happy and stress-free.

Researchers have found a variety of ways from which we can overcome stress nowadays, some of which also include reading, physical activities, art and many more.

Physical activities are one of the best and oldest stress buster activities, games provide an environment in which the child can feel safe and be themselves. They don’t need to worry about the goal or the result but just enjoy playing as in a game-winning is not everything, which is really important is that we learn and we enjoy ourselves.

We learn to play like a team that also teaches us the importance of bonds and trust, it teaches us that we can beat any obstacle in life if we work together with love and trust.

It also teaches us to take chances in life and hope for the best, it does not allow to give up easily and teaches us to keep fighting for our rights.

In the end, sports make us a better person, I mould our dough of life into a beautiful sculpture, a sculpture that’s makes us feel proud when we look at it at know that it is non-other than us.


Amity International School, Mayur Vihar