Qualities of a Sportsperson

General News | Oct-31-2020

Qualities of a Sportsperson

IA person who loves sports with his / her heart is not a true sportsperson. Still, a person who respects other teams and their teammates, a person who always plays fair and square, is humble when they win and congratulates the other team when they lose, and a person who loves sports with his / her heart is a true sportsperson.

Sports have a large part in the character building of those who play them. Marks are art and thus need to be respected and valued. They teach great traits such as friendship, teamwork, leadership, support, faith, hard work, girth and determination, and trust.
These are the traits that most children tend not to learn and regret it significantly in the future. Parents must understand that even though studies are critical, they need to be a little free. They can keep a bird locked in the cage forever as only one of three things can append-
- Either they let the bird out and spread its wing to fly high in the sky.
- The bird breaks the cage and flies high in the sky
The poor bird loses its freedom forever and eventually dies, never understanding what joy and freedom is or what it means.

Thus, parents need to understand the need for their children to play sports; they must also encourage their child to acquire all the traits that sports have to offer, such as leadership, support, faith, hard work, girth, determination, etc.
It is also imperative for the child to understand the importance of being a sportsperson, and thus, he/she should try extremely hard to become a sportsperson.


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