Rain is a Therapy

General News | Sep-11-2020

Rain is a Therapy

Nature does have wonderful and therapeutic benefits to one's health such as boosting one's mood and lowering the risk for dementia. Spending some quality time with nature can be very relaxing and beneficial to one's body and mind.

 Those people who spend so much time inside ended up feeling anxious and frustrated. There is something very therapeutic about being out and looking up at the sky. It allows individuals to take a deep breath of fresh air and simply reset you. All of the stress that you have been carrying with you from your work week can be washed away by spending time with nature when you're able to.

Rainy days are one of the perfect time of the season for personal reflection. When it's rainy outside, you might not be able to spend a lot of time outdoors. This can still be a great opportunity for you to relax and enjoy some downtime, though. You might have heard of people saving books for rainy days in the past. If it's raining outside, then you should take it as an invitation to do something good for your mental health and Well-Being.

Millions of people suffer from depression every single year. There are also a large number of populations who purely suffer from anxiety. Sometimes these problems are caused by stress, and spending some time with nature especially during rain could help you to relieve your stress, Just look around and you will find green plants covered with water droplets, Feel the refreshing smell of soil and enjoy the beauty of rainbow with tea and your favorite book. Listening to pouring rain is one of the great tonics for Anxiety.

Apart from nature, there is one technique that helps us in killing our stress and anxiety and is known as the R.A.I.N technique. The RAIN technique can help you in many ways. It removes negative thoughts and soothes oneself.

  • R = Recognize the thoughts that are troubling you. Notice them and be real to yourself. Mentioning them could also help shrink them to a manageable size. It will provide some immediate relief to you.   
  • A = Acknowledge, Accept, and Allow. The second step is to acknowledge your distress and accept it as your present reality. Accepting the pattern does not mean that you like it, it only means that you can put these unpleasant mental contents front and center.
  • I = Inquire, Investigate. At this stage of the process, you can use your natural curiosity to dig more deeply into your distress. Just Interrogate yourself and you will find answers within you.
  • N = Non-identification. Remember, Your painful thoughts, or feelings, doesn't describe youInstead of identifying with them, just be strong and ignore them.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj