Rising Rate of E-sports in India

General News | Oct-05-2020

Rising Rate of E-sports in India

E-sports, the newly emerged term in India shows various scope for all the hopeless gamers in India. We all must have heard from someone or the other that Pubg is not just about gaming it’s about earning. So, you see it’s a way of earning. Who thought that you can earn just by playing the whole day? If we take this term, ‘E sporting’ to past decades, it was nothing and if you would tell them that a 19-year-old plays a game on the phone the whole day and earns for that then it would be just like a rumor or a joke of the year. Well, you must have also heard people saying that playing games like Pubg make them free of so-called - ‘depression’. Can you even believe it? Well apart from all that, the point here is that people now take gaming seriously. Gaming channels on YouTube gain popularity within weeks. Millions of views on a video of a person playing. Instead of having challenges like ‘Kiki challenge’ or ‘Flip the bottle challenge’ people take challenges to play games like ‘Fall guy’. Covering it all we can put it as; we are going through a digital revolution.  

Well, stepping into the gaming industry has far more disadvantages than benefits. Spending hours on screen is as harmful to the brain as it is for our eyes. And how can we forget the development of aggressive nature amongst the people? We have come across so many cases where people take wrong steps in anger or just because they lost a match. People stay up the whole night just to play with people across the globe and often end up in disturbing their sleeping cycle.  

India has been receiving a lot of attention for its dramatic increase in mobile gaming and its significant growth in the local eSports scene. Newzoo reported that India has now secured the second spot next to China in the top list of countries with most smartphone users thereby accounting for 345,916,000 users with a 25.3% smartphone penetration rate. Recently, a renowned personality Akshay Kumar in collaboration with a Bengaluru-based game developer introduced the Indian version of Fearless and United: Guards. 

So, all in all, India still has a long way to go in the gaming industry. India is blessed to receive such an exciting response from the youth at the very beginning of the new journey.   

Anvi Tyagi

Class - 9

DWPS Noida Ext.