Self-Confidence Is A Vice

General News | Jul-15-2020

Self-Confidence Is A Vice

In today's world, it is very much essential to have spunk and optimistic personality to cope up with any scenario you are dealing with. When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state. Being strong enough from both internally and externally matters a lot. But how can it be achieved and how you could be able to do such a thing. You should have to be confident enough to cross your confined comfort zone and face the world with its reality that survival is not that easy; such a cliche. Self-confidence helps in making you a personality where in any situation you don't lose out yourself and get solutions to all your problems with ease. 

Living in a zone where you feel ignorant and discourage by others then there is the confidence that plays a precious role that it doesn't make you feel down and even intrigue you to decor your living more gladly. Have faith in yourself, indeed humility in your aura makes a reverence for everyone and that should be possible with the help of positive confidence you have built-in yourself. Facing the world with that zeal, you can achieve whatever your agenda is to be.

What if it's become in a negative way. Yes, you are thinking right, yes you are the one who is reading my article, it is because of overconfident nature that has occupied your brain. This thinking makes a person enter the state of immoral which in return applies the atmosphere of annihilation. It not only makes you rogue and even though it makes your worth obsolete. Self-confidence on negative things ideally would call it overconfidence is definitely a vice. It may establish a critical relationship with your near and dear ones. Before it gets too late you should have to understand the importance of yourself and has to leave your over-confident attitude forever. Then you will come to realize how life has changed now and you can to able to get your ultimate goal in life with a positive attitude.

By: Aditya Sharma

School: Mahaveer Public School

Class: 10th