Significance Of Traditional Indian Sports

General News | Nov-26-2023

Significance Of Traditional Indian Sports

India has a vast and unique culture, and every state has its Traditions and Sports to follow. India has become the land of various Traditional Sports. Kushti The Indian Wrestling, Jallikattu, and many more. Mallakhamb also known as the pole dance of India is one of the traditional sports. It is one of the very difficult sports in India. This game is most famous in the Villages of India. There are many more famous Sports in the Villages of India that are very adventurous also.

Kabaddi is one of the Traditional Sports of India, played by the people of Villages as well as in the Towns. Kabaddi is a Game that requires power and skills to play. Kabaddi is a very powerful and inexpensive game and this game doesn't require any equipment. Many regular Kabaddi tournaments happen throughout the Year. KhoKho is also a traditional sport in India. It is Run and touch game. Kho- Kho is a very simple game and it is very easy to play. People of every Age Group love to play this game. This game does not require any special skills and techniques. The
The game is very popular in Rural areas.

Kushti is the best Indian Wrestling Game. It is the best sport to maintain the Physic The Traditional Kushti takes place in Akhada Akhada is a place for practicing wrestling. There are many strict rules made by their Coach, that they have to follow. The Wrestlers have to take a strict diet. But there is one more thing that we all have to keep in Mind even Students have to take more focus on this, As we can see the Indian School of Wrestling (Akhada) is very few. Day by Day their number is going down But many People are trying their level to keep them alive. The New Generation and the youth have also tried their best to save Their Indian Tradition.
The Other Famous Traditional Sport In India name Mallakhamb, is a Gymnast type of Sport. In this, the Person performs with Feats and poses in a standing wooden pole. The name Mallakamba is derived from two words Malla means Player and Kambha means the pole.

These are not just sports to play or to maintain Our Bodies. Sports help us in making a better person. It helps in balanced living. The Person who is regularly playing sports will have Full Confidence in them. They have great leadership Power, They Know how to handle Tough Situations. No matter what Kind of Sports you play You will gain Confidence and Students from Today's time will surely need to learn the sports that need physical strength as they will get mentally and Physically Strong.

By: Renu

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