Social Media Can Bring A Social Change

General News | Jul-05-2020

Social Media Can Bring A Social Change

A segment of media is ‘social media’ which is vastly used by the youngsters. Public announcements and important issues, unlike before are now openly debated and criticized for this interface. This is one of the most influential platforms in history. With the pros this platform brings its cons too, hours spent on this platform are beneficial to some whereas corrupting to others.

While some believe that this platform can only be a distraction with no real outcome, social media can affect people's logic ability. In the current situation of COVID-19, social media played a big role in spreading awareness worldwide. Knowledge of sensitive topics is also debated on this platform similar to that of the daily headlines. When mainstream media does not listen to the voice of the general public, they showcase it through this platform and form opinions in favor of or against the issue.

This category of media has an upper hand in the development of social changes and awareness against unreal taboos. One of the biggest reason as to why social media can bring social changes faster is because of its reach among people. Unlike words in real life, the word on social media circulates over a larger crowd within a short span of time. May it be acid attack survivors or holocaust survivors all of them have shared their stories on social media, therefore, enlightening a whole generation. Stories of luck, failure, success, victimizing, surviving and many more have been sent into the world via social media to inspire.

The recent ‘black lives matter’ movement has been heated talked on social media and is backed up by many celebrities, proving that when used for good social media can be a boon.

By: Kanak Kotnala

School: Gaurs International School

Class: 12th