Songs: Old V/S New

General News | May-03-2021

Songs: Old V/S New

If it is the famous song ‘Way back home’ by Shaun which goes like,

‘Remember when I told you
"No matter where I go
I'll never leave your side
You will never be alone"
Even when we go through changes
Even when we're old
Remember that I told you
I'll find my way back home

Or an old song such as the well–known ‘Ayy Macarena’. We have always loved them for songs touch our heart and mind in ways no other thing can. A great person once said that when we are happy, we enjoy the music, When we are sad, we understand the lyrics’

Music is a wonderful creation whether pop or rock, classical or country, old or new. They have from centuries touched our hearts and will continue their beautiful work for centuries to come. Some famous new songs include the heartwarming ‘All we know.’ By Chainsmokers along with the heart touching ‘Good things fall apart’ By Illenium and if you are looking for some good old cheerful country music the ‘No place like you.’ By Maddie and Tae is not a bad choice and of course, let’s not forget the trending K-pop which includes some really good tracks by Blackpink. The old song also has its excitement and wonder to them. Some of them include ‘Barbie girl’ by Aqua, ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls and many more. All songs no matter old or new are amazing and beautiful which brings me to the end of this essay and all I would like to say is Life is a song, sing it by living it!

By: Ruchita