Sport is a universal language

General News | Sep-23-2020

Sport is a universal language

The universal language of sports brings people together. It teaches teamwork and tolerance to an individual. No matter about a person's origin, background, religious beliefs, or economic status. Sports united every individual from different backgrounds. Sport has enabled men to fight all forms of discrimination, to build political dialogue and diplomacy in the world where all hope was lost, and to defend humanity and social inclusion among all.

If young people don't engage in sporting and recreational activities, it will reduce their opportunity to achieve their full potential, nurture self-esteem, and develop necessary skills for social development. When our young generation participates in sports, they have an access to physical education and experience real exhilaration. Also, they learn the ideals of teamwork.

The year 2005 has been proclaimed as 'The International Year of Sport and Physical Education' by 'The United Nations General Assembly'. The United Nations Fund for International Partnerships plays an important role in fostering sports-related programs in developing countries. 

A large number of population all over the world enjoy sport, whether they enjoying taking part in it, or watching it. This is one of the reasons that sport is such an effective and convenient way to meet new people, explore, and make new friends even if you face linguistic issues, you’ll still be able to communicate through your shared interest.

The Olympic Games is one of the great examples where countrymen unite to support a team of athletes with diverse talents, the cheering and the amicable spirit transcends nationalities. In the London Olympic Games of 2012, England, Scotland, and Wales united to make the unified team and represented Great Britain. It brought the British men together through the shared love for the sport.

Similarly, back in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, when the North and South Korean athletes entered together behind a unified flag. The fact, they entered together was a major step.

The above two examples prove that sports transcend nationalities and political ideals.

Irrespective of the scope of the competition, the language of sport is universal and can be used and understood by all. Hence, it can be considered as a universal language, meaning that even if you're playing football, or climbing with someone from different countrymen, you'll be able to communicate, enjoy yourself, and even learn some new phrases.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj