Sporting Culture of India

General News | Feb-16-2021

Sporting Culture of India

Excellence in sports is an index of the progress and development of a nation. Excellence in sports events brings honor and glory to the state. Advanced and developed nations excel in sports events and it speaks of the great matches of these nations. Sports contribute towards the physical, mental and psychological health of individuals. It's obvious that in those nations where there's healthy sports culture, people stay healthy and remain fit both physically and mentally. This leads to a healthy work culture and other people become hardworking, dedicated, and disciplined which features a profound influence on the progress and development of that nation.

As far as India caresit's the very old and rich culture of traditional sports. there's a mention of traditional sports in ancient scriptures. Traditional sports or local sports like Kabaddi, Kushti, Gili-danda to call a couple of are being played in most parts of our country. India features a rich cultural diversity. Different cultural sports suit the environment of a specific culture and are promoted informally therein culture through generation to generation. Within the pre-independence period, sports culture in our country couldn't thrive although the concept of some sports like cricket was borrowed from outside. Later many modern sports like tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc. also came into existence. One important factor contributing to poor sports culture is that education teachers appointed in schools generally don't come from sports backgrounds although these teachers have diplomas and degrees to their credit.

By: Raghav Saxena

Birla School, Pilani