Sports: A Way Of Change

General News | Apr-28-2021

Sports: A Way Of Change

We all are aware of what sports are sports are any form of competitive physical activity or a game that uses the physical strength of a person and improves the physical strength and maintain the skills of a person. Sports can be in a proper organizational form which is organized by any organization or authority or sports can be in a form of the casual way in which the person plays just to improve his/her strength or just to entertain themselves. Every kind of sport that includes physical activity like running, jumping is healthy for everyone.

Sports that are organized by an authority or organization are in a competitive form. In these kinds of sports, a player plays individually or in a team to win against the opponent. These kinds of sport also have some winning price that can be in a form of money or trophy. Sports also work on the governance of system and law, there is nothing like that we can do anything in any game or sport. Every game has a set of rules and regulations that are meant to follow and if someone breaks the rules and regulations they have to pay for that.

In this world, We have so many sports and games that people love to play, every country has there one national Game like India has hockey, the USA has Football. There are sports in which a person plays individually like running, jumping swimming. And then some sports need a team for playing like Cricket, Football, Hockey. A sportsman is a person who plays sports but not only taking a part in the sports make him sportsperson, he needs to have some qualities like following all the rules and regulations in the sports as well as in his life, have to capability to learn from the failures or have the guts to accept his/her loose in any sport and plays a fair game and observing everything properly makes the player a true sportsperson. There are many other qualities that a sportsperson must have in himself like- Friendly nature, kindness towards everyone, and most importantly understanding. If a player can lead a team then he must have to need a spirit that can cheer his teammates and make them comfortable and this will also lead them to win their game or sport.

Sports are the way to change someone's life because if one starts playing any sport then he will become punctual in his life, he will understand the value of time, learn new skills that will help him in improving his physical strength and mental strength. A sportsperson has to be always attentive which will help him to learn many new things. After getting into the sports the way of eating is also changes and they get to eat healthy which makes their life better and gives them a healthy lifestyle.

By: Renu