Sports And Children

General News | Apr-26-2021

Sports And Children

If a child develops the habit of playing sports in the early years of his/her life, then it can have a great impact on his/her growth.
Researches have shown that children in modern times have completely neglected sports and replaced them with the internet and television. If the same lifestyle continues, more than half of the child population will end obese. Their health status will decline exponentially as they won’t have any strength or immunity in themselves.

Regular participation in sports will have numerous health benefits in children. They grow much faster and healthier. They will have the stamina to perform all the assigned tasks. Not exerting physical pressure at all can make a person extremely lazy, and they start to procrastinate to avoid physical wellness activities. Sports can change all of that. The habit of playing sports can inculcate discipline in a child. Moreover, it can teach them about the importance of teamwork. It builds leadership qualities in a child, which go a long way in the future. Parents should teach their children about the importance of sports and adopt the habit themselves to guide their children.

Stamina, health, and fitness are some of the many benefits of sports a person can get. It also improves the sleep patterns of a child. Children and young adults nowadays have adopted the habit of staying awake till late at night on their phones. This habit can disrupt their health and can cause permanent tiredness. It can also result in a lack of productivity and efficiency. Sports builds a routine in a child’s life, and if they follow it, it makes them much more disciplined and productive.

Among other skills, sport helps in improving the skills of a child. Having to interact with teammates gives them the confidence to tackle the shyness that may be inbuilt in a child. The ability to handle defeats is another important aspect a child learns from sports. The kids who don’t play sports are more likely to throw tantrums after losing than the kids who play. By playing sports, kids learn to accept their defeats and work on their weaknesses.

Sports have always proven to be an important aspect of life and practicing it from an early age can shape a person. Not only will it have a great impact on the child, but the child might also end up finding their passion through sports.

By- Simran Raghav