Sports For A Healthy Body And Mind

General News | May-02-2021

Sports For A Healthy Body And Mind

In today’s online world, where children have glued themselves to their mobile or computer screens, physical activities have taken a back seat. Before the internet, parents had a hard time keeping their kids inside the house because children then loved playing outdoor games. Today the situation is the exact opposite of what it used to be. Today, parents struggle in keeping their kids away from their beds or gaming chairs. This has caused physical as well as mental repercussions for the children of today.

Many schools nowadays have made it mandatory for their students to enroll themselves in some of the other sport. Sports is an important activity for young children as it helps them grow. Parents have also started making sure that their child plays any sport along with his or her regular studies. Sports and games are not just physical activities they make children confident, alert and happy too. In most schools the sports period is for relaxation, to break the monotony of academics.
Sports have many advantages, physical fitness is one of the most important of them. Playing sports makes children fit. We have seen many children face obesity because of a lack of physical activity. Playing games reduces the chances of high cholesterol and heart attacks in children. When children start engaging in physical fitness from a very young age, they become healthy adults.
Sports activities also instill qualities like honesty, teamwork, leadership, and strategic planning in children. They learn how to deal with failure and not to get carried away by victories. Sports have rules, following those rules also imbibe a sense of responsibility and discipline in the children These qualities help them in their life.
Sports also help children socialize. In this digital world, children tend to forget about the outside world. Sports help them make friends outside their social media. Sports are also great stress busters. They offer a healthy outlet for children’s academic stress and helps them focus on other things too, thus bringing balance in their lives. Sports also offer peace of mind to many people. It may prove beneficial for children with anxiety or depression
Children who play in interstate or international teams, get a chance to experience cultures apart from their own, broadening their minds. They then become excited to explore more of other cultures. These qualities make them global citizens. Representing your country is one of the highest honors one can have, sports give children a chance to do just that. With hard work and perseverance, one can make his or her country proud.

By: Shristi Gupta