Sports Serve as the Purpose of Refreshment

General News | Oct-20-2020

Sports Serve as the Purpose of Refreshment

“All studies and no play makes and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

This is a really famous quote and most of us have heard about it.

This quote clearly tells us the need and value of sports in our life. Without sports, a person becomes weak and dull. They start to lose interest in studies and thus it is very important for us to engage in physical activities, especially for small children and teenagers.

Most teenagers, especially girls tend to wean off from sports and move towards and non-constructible activities.

During the evening it is observed that very less teenage girls leave their homes. In fact, most of them just sit in their rooms and are on the mobile 24/7. This is really bad for them, as even though they may not realize it sports acts as a source of refreshment.

Studies have proven that children who engage in sports tend to remain happier and stress-free. Sports help you to forget all the problems in the world and you can think about the fun you are having at that time. When a person is feeling down it is recommended that they go out and play with their thus helping them to forget their worries and not get stress about it, so that they can make a better decision with a calm mind.

It is good if we can engage in at least an hour of physical activity per day. Depending upon or interests we can do exercise, play games such as basketball and football, play some music and dance. It does not matter till the time it makes us happy and stress-free.