Startup Ecosystem in India

General News | Dec-27-2020

Startup Ecosystem in India

In recent years, startups are receiving increased attention in many parts of the planet. This paper analyses the present state of the Indian startup ecosystem and has three goals: to supply an understanding of the expansion drivers and motivations of Indian startup founders; identify challenges facing these startups; and description the pillars in situ that support them. Additionally, a survey of relevant literature strengthens the robustness of the findings.

This study aims to supply a comprehensive understanding of both the expansion drivers also because of the challenges faced by Indian startups. Further, the study investigates how the startup ecosystem has developed over the years and describes where and which type of support is out there. While the first focus is on technology-driven startups, the study recognizes that non-tech, social, and micro-entrepreneurs have also come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

To provide insights on these issues, qualitative research was conducted. A literature review was also administered to supply further background information. The penultimate section describes how the ecosystem has evolved, and where and what quite a support is out there to assist startups to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. The paper concludes by outlining the imperatives of further action to support India’s startups.

Raghav Saxena 

Birla School, Pilani