Students, Teachers Test Positive After Rajasthan Board Examinations

A Class 10 young lady understudy, who showed up in the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Examination (RBSE) on June 29 and 30, tested positive for coronavirus infection (Covid-19) on June 30.
Her example was taken for testing since her more youthful sister tried positive on June 27 and is in the administration medical clinic for Covid-19.
After the Student's report, 357 students, who likewise showed up for the Class 10 test at her assessment community, and 30 educators, who were on invigilation obligation, have been sent to home isolate, said Kota boss clinical and wellbeing official Dr. BS Tanwar.
At another assessment place for Class 12, two teachers, one of them with side effects, have tried positive. Following this, examples of 23 teachers and 123 students have been taken for testing and every one of them sent to home isolate, the CMHO included.
RBSE Class 10 and Class 12 tests started on June 18 across 6,209 focuses in the state. Students were approached to answer to the inside, in any event, an hour prior to the beginning of assessment for screening and disinfection. The focuses were sterilized before the tests. The board added 524 new focuses to follow social removing during tests, and the number of invigilators was expanded by 40%.
The Kota CMHO said the 17-year-old young lady of the Govind Nagar area showed up for the last paper of Class 10 assessment at government school in Indira Gandhi Nagar. "Her example was taken on June 27 when her sister tested positive. Report of the subsequent sister went ahead June 30," Dr. Tanwar said.
Class 10 tests were hung on June 29 and 30. Class 12 papers were directed between June 18 and June 30.
For another situation, two government educators, one an invigilator, and the other focus administrator tried positive. They were working in a tuition-based school which was an inside for Class 12 assessment. "We have taken examples of other 23 teachers and 123 students from the inside. The reports are anticipated," the CMHO said.
Kota has announced 676 Covid-19 patients until June 30; out of which 110 are dynamic.

By: Suvarna Gupta

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