Success Stories

General News | Jun-24-2020

Success Stories

The stories of many great personalities have inspired us. They are the ones who achieved true success in life. But this is only possible through hard work and dedication. There are many examples through which we can seek motivation from, one among them is former Indian cricket team captain M.S.Dhoni. M.S.Dhoni has struggled a lot in his life. He was a goalkeeper before.

But a cricket coach chose him as a wicketkeeper. Since Dhoni was new to cricket at that time. Therefore he has to work hard in batting. Dhoni worked day and night to improve his batting. Dhoni helped his team win an inter-school cricket match. He achieved much fame. Moreover got a selection for the Ranji Trophy. But since he got late in reaching Kolkata the organization held up his draft notice. Yet, Dhoni did not give up. 

Another story is that of Ravindre Jdeja. He used to survive on a mere 10 Rupees a day. His father was a watchman in a shopping complex and he always wanted his son to join the army.

His mother worked as a nurse and spent a considerable amount of her earnings on Jadeja’s kit.

But as destiny had it, Jadeja lost his biggest support, his mother at 17 and that so devastated him that he wanted to quit everything. Then he remembered his mother’s last wish – to see her son winning the national colour.

Jadeja had an indifferent start and despite breaking into the Indian team, was a constant source of being taken a dig at. But nothing could stop him and he established himself as a top player.

There are as many as success stories but each has the same ending. 

We all need to be patience and keep working hard to achieve what we want and someday it will certainly happen.

By: Sushmita Jha